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There are several myths that come along with the idea of Botox. There’s 10 typical myths that we’ll go over. It comes with it’s advantages and disadvantages. We believe that Botox can help more than it can hurt, and we’re here to help debunk some of these myths and further educate you before you make that appointment and get your first Botox treatment!

In this post, we’ll take a look deeper into these so-called myths of Botox.

Myth #1
Dermal Fillers and Botox all work the same.

That’s actually not true. Many people think that other dermal fillers and Botox all work exactly the same and choose to go with something else. They may both reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but they are very different. To put it simply, fillers fill and Botox relaxes. Most don’t realize that your facial muscle movement is what actually cause wrinkles, especially in your forehead. Botox works in a way that it relaxes your body’s muscle instead of filling in the wrinkle with a product.

Myth #2
Botox immobilizes both the movement AND your emotions.

Truthfully, the people you see who look overly tight and can’t show any facial emotions, probably had too much Botox at one time from someone less qualified. If done correctly, Botox should look natural and feel natural. Everything that should come through, will. Botox, however, does alleviate some of those negative facial emotions such a furrowing your brow when angry.